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What's involved?

Contact me by phone or email and we’ll arrange an initial discussion, a ‘discovery call’ if you like, to see if we’re a good fit. We’ll discuss what you want to work on, and I’ll answer any questions you might have. This can be whenever and wherever is convenient for you or even via Skype.   It usually takes about an hour and there is no charge for this. Needless to say, the whole process from start to finish is confidential. 

If we decide to work together, we agree a date for our first session, how often we think we’ll meet, fees, format e.g. face to face, phone or Skype etc. Every engagement is completely bespoke so we’ll discuss the best way forward for you, it may just be one session to focus on a specific issue or it could be a program covering at a number of areas.   We can also use an Emotional Intelligence assessment as a basis for areas you need to focus on.

If for whatever reason we decide not to take things further, no hard feelings.

Equally, if you decide you like the idea of a coach but you don’t think I’m the right one for you, I’d be happy to suggest a different coach with a different approach who might suit you better.  Each coach has their own style. Mine is relaxed but you can bet your next pay rise I’ll make you work hard! I find a more informal approach works best as although this is a business relationship, it is still very personal. 


If there’s a specific issue you want to work through or if you just want to turn mediocre into flipping brilliant, let’s have a coffee and see where it takes us.

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