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Hello! I’m Jean


Mother. Wife. Daughter. Cat Lover. Coach. Business Owner. Leader. Podcaster.


I am absolutely passionate about helping women get the success they desire. I believe it all starts with understanding yourself and identifying what you really want from your career. 


After spending over 30 years climbing the corporate career ladder, ultimately having the honour of becoming a Board Director, I reached a point where I wanted something different for the next phase of my life. 

A few years ago, I took time out.  I really thought about what was important to me, what I cared about and I made changes.  I changed how I work – the hours, the travel, what I do and who I work with.  I took a step outside of my comfort zone and set up my own business.  I now enjoy a portfolio career that gives me variety, challenge and lots of satisfaction.


I am so much happier.  I have flexibility, balance and a renewed passion for my work.  I am clear about what I want and how to get it. 


As an experienced ICF Professional Certified Coach, a DiSC Profiler and Emotional Intelligence EQi-2.0 Assessor, with 13 years experience as a Board Member for a large global company, I rely on my range of skills and experience to bring a dynamic and supportive service to my clients to help them identify and create the success they want.

Who I work with

I work with professional women who are:


  • Looking to make a change, even if they don't know what that change is 

  • Are well established in their career, yet feel unfulfilled

  • Sense there is so much more to life and/or themselves, that they have not yet tapped in to

  • Enthusiastic and ready to take action

  • Keen to invest in themselves, their future happiness and success

  • Committed to coaching and the powerful benefits it can generate

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