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Group coaching

In any business today, there is a team. Even sole traders will work in some way with suppliers, customers, advisors.  Technology is a wonderful thing which enables people to work as part of a team all over the world but this remote working can make teamwork challenging sometimes. Teams invariably involve a mix of personality types which can also affect the productivity and harmony within a group. 

Are you part of a brand new team, perhaps after a merger of separate organisations or departments within an existing business? If you have a team within your organisation which isn’t performing well or not working together, I can definitely work with them to improve working relationships and productivity. Perhaps this team has been through a difficult time and is struggling with motivation? If a whole area of a business is struggling, group coaching could be more appropriate than individual leadership or executive coaching. 

Some of the benefits of my group coaching are:

  • a better appreciation of each team member’s strengths, weaknesses and contribution

  • an increased sense of loyalty to the team

  • a more harmonious working environment

  • a more engaged and motivated workforce

  • better insight into the aspirations of the individuals

  • improvement in productivity when working individually as well as part of a team

  • more focused collaboration.

"Jean helped us get the team working towards the same goal by clarifying the overall purpose and  expectations."
Company Director
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