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Leadership coaching

This type of coaching would suit you if you are currently a leader who recognises they want to be a better leader with increased self awareness, empathy or improved communication skills with more impact.  Maybe you have recently been promoted, or had extra responsibilities which involve leading a team for the first time or perhaps you have taken on a larger team and you feel that specific coaching would help you manage this change better. Maybe you’re being proactive as leadership is something you aspire to and you want to demonstrate you have the skills needed to progress.


Have you identified a high performer in your organisation who you would like to see progress to the next level but lacks ability in this area?  Often it’s HR or senior executives who will contact me about developing those people within their organisation who have been identified as potential high flyers, or the next generation of managerial superstars!  

Some of the benefits of leadership coaching include:

  • improved self-confidence

  • much better handling of stressful situations and difficult people

  • greater awareness of how you operate and how you are perceived

  • noticeably improved communication with your colleagues

  • more creative thinking.

“Jean’s work on leadership development was invaluable – it made a big difference to the organisation and the effectiveness of our senior managers.”  HR Director
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