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Executive coaching

There are many different reasons executives seek coaching. Sometimes it’s because that person has a new role, new responsibilities, require a new skill set or more gravitas. Executives faced with new challenges or a period of strategic change such as a merger, redundancies or new product launch may feel that they would benefit from help with strategic planning, decision making, change management, or even public speaking.  

It might be a more specific issue you want to work on such as conflict resolution, motivation or confidence. Perhaps you’re looking for a more long-term arrangement: an objective sounding board you can call on, someone from outside the company who knows you and the way you think. Being the boss can be lonely. I can provide the support and motivation you need in a confidential environment. I can also stop you from getting complacent and losing perspective. One of the most challenging things about success is how to carry on being successful. I will stretch you, keep your momentum going, while providing a safe space for dedicated feedback and evaluation.   

Maybe you want to promote your organisation as being committed to unlocking the talent in your female executives? This is particularly relevant today with calls for greater pay transparency and the gender pay gap being a hot topic of conversation. 

Some of the benefits of executive coaching are:

  • clarity of thought and more focus at work

  • heightened self-awareness

  • soaring levels of motivation

  • improved productivity

  • better working relationships with colleagues

  • courage to take risks

  • better control of your emotions

  • a more flexible outlook

  • improved communication and negotiation skills

  • improved impact at work

  • happiness

"After my sessions with Jean I was feeling much more positive in my ability to grow my business, and I had a clear plan of how I was going to do so, something I had not been able to achieve on my own."
Business Owner
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